BrainBandXL & MyndPlay Pro Bundle

BrainBandXL & MyndPlay Pro Bundle

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The New MyndPlay BrainBandXL EEG Headset now comes with 10 hour battery, fabric sensors, ear clip + MyndPlay Pro Tools and 3 Apps.

The Bluetooth MyndPlay BrainBandXL is a research grade single sensor EEG headset providing data at a sampling rate of 512Hz and Neurosky algorithms which allow you to control apps, games, videos and movies using only your Brainwaves. The BBXL is also now supplied with a Biopreme antibacterial headband and has an SDK for developers.

MyndPlay Pro is an all in one EEG neurofeedback recording, reporting and analysis tool which also includes the revolutionary MyndPlay media player so you can now watch any video and record/view your brains reactions in real-time.

It was developed with the user in mind, it has a simple user interface but includes everything you could want in a system without the need for clutter, and is packed with features and tools which have previously been expensive and difficult to understand.

Use it to validate and compare training and therapy techniques, improve your performance by understanding your brain, behaviours and triggers; connect with your mind and take control with neurofeedback training to develop greater mental awareness (mindfulness) and emotional control.

Develop and enhance your ability to mentally relax and focus on demand, master the art of doing both at the same time to achieve peak performance control over your mind to improve your mental functions.

The MyndPlay BrainBandXL has been designed for constant contact and comfort as well as to offer the option to customise; the detachable BBXL unit compresses revolutionary EEG technology into a small lightweight unit that sits snug inside the BrainBandXL with 2 dry sensor contact points and an ear clip to for your ear lobe. The unit can be removed and place inside a visor, cap or a custom headset or headband.

Key Features:

Bluetooth Connectivity

USB Charging (cable included)

Detachable and customisable

Dual sensor EEG unit (one active with adjustable positions)


Raw Brainwaves at 512Hz

Processing and output of EEG power spectrums

Processing and output for Attention, Meditation, eyeblink detection

The MyndPlay BrainBand uses 2 dry sensors to detect raw brainwave activity as well as a users level of concentration (focus) and relaxation (meditation), the BBXL unit then transmits that information to the computer allowing you to control all sorts of compatible applications, there are currently over 70 compatible games and applications available on the MyndPlay and NeuroSky sites.

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