Create and Connect your own interactive MyndPlay content

We welcome all levels of content partners to create and sell content online through the MyndPlay app store, as the market grows so does demand, production companies, brands, video training companies and film makers can use the system to generate a new source of revenue through online sales. 

Download MyndPlay Content Creation Guide (PDF 6Mb)

 Just a few content ideas:

•Video Apps – 1-5 minute interactive live action games and entertainment
•Interactive Advertising
•Short Films
•Learning enhancement apps

•Sports Training Videos – i.e. Developing your mental game
•Well being and personal health 
•Socially aware content, youth and children - how our emotions affect our decisions
•Interactive Trailers for movies, products and video games

MyndPlay also has the facility to create viewer brainwave feedback loops offering content creators and film makers emtional response data on the affects of the visual content.

MyndCreate is our content creation tool which will be made available for education or private companies seeking to create content to sell or share online.

To find out more about creating or selling content for MyndPlay email us today