MyndPlay Background...

MyndPlay was conceived as an idea to provide brain training through entertainment using brainwave EEG technology; with MyndPlay the viewer not only has control over the content and a lot of fun, but also develops control over their own emotions which transfer into everyday life.

MyndPlay CEO Tre has a passion for the mind and as an alternative therapist set out to develop a platform to help people prevent mental health issues by making mental health techniques available to a wider audience at lower cost and without the need for pills.   The original concept was simple...create videos that have a number of therapy techniques - use brain tech to measure what works best during a session - let the application receive feedback and adapt the video to focus only on techniques that worked best for that individual user or patient. 

There were a number of EEG Brainwave headsets in the market however none fit the requirements of MyndPlay, so they set out to build their own headband which would be more functional, comfortable and customisable then the competition. in 2014 the first version was released and in 2016 the MyndBand VR was finally completed for mass production.

MyndPlay Video Simulations and Response Training

The real benefit of the video platform was revealed later when working on a project with the prison services; CEO Tre discovered that when the incentive to play was there the level of brain engagement was significantly higher; what they found was playing emotionally charged video based  games helped the individual gain many of the benefits without the need for therapy. With the prison project a 25 minute gangster movie was used to punish aggression: if the viewer wants to keep their character alive they must remain calm when faced with blatant aggression. The application has been in use since 2011 to date. This lead to the creation of the MyndPlay video app system in which we could create a number of simulations from sports to dating with the intention of helping a user overcome anxieties and emotions in a wide range of scenarios.

The purpose was to create video simulations in which you progressively add tension, controlled emotionall charged situations and stress through timers, movie  and gaming mechanics, you can then train the user to desensitize themselves to the levels of stress and external emotional influence.

Myndplay Sports

It is well known that high performance athletes have strong mentality in addition to the pertinent skills and physiological capabilities. This strong mentatlity is associated with motivation, mental concentration on the game, stress and anxiety management, self confidence and emotion control. Mental concentration is required in both static (archery golf shooting)and dynamic sporst tennis, boxing, baseball.

Results taken from an evaluation of US Olympic Archers have shown that the use of EEG technology during training helps the user become more aware of their mental state, thus enabling them to gain control over their attention and relaxation skills. Mental concentration accompanied by visual focusing plays an especially key role in peak performance. Many sports associate with visual, mental and selective attention. By correlating mental and visual attention and just focusing on the target or exercise, the athlete can train his or herself to develop a linear focus and block out the external factors that affect performance.

Myndplay Sports apps can aid consistency in training and competition to ensure peak performance. We can create media that is not only entertaining, but is actively training the user to develop the attention and relaxation levels required to perform in both real life and virtual environments. 

The TGAM EEg chip inside the headsets was developed by Silicon Valley based NeuroSky, ...for more information visit 

Neurons Create Brainwaves

The human brain is made up of billions of interconnected neurons about the size of a pinhead. As neurons interact, patterns manifest as singular thoughts such as a math calculation, and broad emotional states such as attention. The average human thinks 70,000 thoughts each day. As a by-product, every interaction between neurons creates a miniscule electrical discharge, measurable by EEG (electroencephalogram) machines. By themselves, these charges are impossible to measure from outside the skull. However, a dominant mental state, driven by collective neuron activity created by hundreds of thousands concurrent discharges, can be measured.

Through a century of experimentation, neuroscience experts have determined where specific activity occurs within the brain. Motor control of limbs occurs in the top of the brain, for example. Vision is processed in the back of the brain. From an evolutionary point of view, these basic functions are present in most animals. As humans evolved into more intelligent creatures, the pre-frontal cortex in the front of the brain is where higher thinking occurs. Emotions, mental states, concentration, etc. are all dominant in this area. This is the primary reason for NeuroSky’s main sensor placement on a position known as FP1.

Different brain states are the result of different patterns of neural interaction. These patterns lead to waves characterized by different amplitudes and frequencies. As examples, brainwaves between 12 and 30 hertz, Beta Waves, are associated with concentration, while waves between 8 and 12 hertz, Alpha Waves, are associated with calm relaxation. Often overshadowing brainwaves, the contraction of muscles is also associated with unique wave patterns, called EMG. Isolating these EMG patterns is how some NeuroSky devices detect eye blinks.

Understanding Brainwaves

Brainwaves are characterized by four distinct types of brainwaves, because each type has its own distinctly different way of perceiving, processing, learning, and knowing information. All of these types of brainwaves are produced at all times but a predominance of a certain desired brainwave state can be created at will and allow a person to take advanatage of that particular state , apply it to those kinds of specific tasks, and achieve higher results.

BETA BRAINWAVES (13 to 40 Hz) The conscious thinking mind of external awareness which logically thinks, reasons and plans. Multi- tasking, list-making and decision-making speed up beta to form the high-frequency, high-amplitude pattern shown here. A person experiencing stress, anxiety and panic would show greater amplitude, asymmetry and a disorganized pulsation of thought.communication, etc.

ALPHA BRAINWAVES (8 to 12 Hz) slower brainwaves that are conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation, stress reduction, etc., characterized by intuitive insights, creative "juice", inspiration, motivation, daydreams etc. Relaxed, yet alert.

THETA BRAINWAVES (4 to 7 Hz) These brainwaves, also present in dreaming sleep, are where we access our memories, insights, creativity, and spiritual awareness. Inner wisdom is found here, along with what needs to be healed and the means of healing or transforming it.

DELTA BRAINWAVES (.5 to 4 Hz) slowest of all, state such as deep sleep or coma.

Take advantage of brain your brain's ability to improve its function learn mind management by influencing your brain waves.

All NeuroSky and MyndPlay apps are designed to work your mental focus and relaxation skills which cover mostly your Alpha, Beta and Theta states; bringing you maximum benefit in every session or interaction.