Support and FAQs

We want your user experience to be great and invite you to give us your feedback on ways to improve the platform and your experience using it. 

Below are a selection of user guides and links to help you get started, if you need any further support please email your feedback or enquiries to

Please ensure you are using the latest version of MyndPlay, you can download it Free here.

User Manuals:

MyndPlayer User Manual V2.0

MyndPlayer User Manual V1.3

MyndPlay BrainBandXL Quick Start Guide

Video Guide:

MyndBand Assembly and Fitting Video

BrainBand Assembly on YouTube

BrainBandXL Assembly and User Guide


VLC Error or No Video - If you are getting no video please check that you have version 2.0.0  of VLC player installed, you can download a copy of VLC from their website

MyndPlay freezes or crashes when meter appears - Please ensure that before running MyndPlayer you close the NeuroSky ThinkGear connector running in your system tray, right click and exit.

Cannot find headset - If you are using a NeuroSky MindWave, please ensure that you have connected and device using the MindWave manager prior to running MyndPlayer. If you are using a MindSet or BrainBand, please ensure your Bluetooth headset has been paired with you Mac or PC and is switched on.

If you are using the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile, please make sure you pair the headset before installing the Neurosky suite of software. Once you have paired the headset via the computer's native bluetooth facility (if none available, any bluetooth dongle will work), please install the MyndPlayer application first and test the connection by selecting the headset from the dropdown list when you first run MyndPlayer. Once you can see the needles on the dial moving, you have successfully connected the headset set. Quit the MyndPlayer then install the Neurosky software. Test with the Neurosky applications. Please make sure you are using the headset with either the Neurosky software or the MyndPlayer, not both at the same time.

Weak Signal - If you are experiencing a persistantly weak signal, please check that your batteries are fully charged and that you have good skin contact with the device on all sensors. Keep the contacts clean and check that no hair is in between the skin and the sensor and that all connections are tight and locked.

If you have any other problems not listed above please email and we will be happy to help you.