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Myndplay uses MIME technology: Control Mechanisms

Patent Granted in UK and USA Patent number: 9503772 and Publication number: 20150071600.

For further information on Myndplay patents or licensing, please contact us.


MyndPlay is committed in its corporate-social responsibilities towards the environment and promotes positive environmental management as a primary aspect of its business planning.

This approach permeates throughout all of MyndPlay’s business operations, staff training and awareness building, demanding a similar approach from its contractors, managing waste and above all else, continually monitoring its processes and striving to improve upon its performance.

MyndPlay aims to develop and distribute electronic products whilst affording absolute care and attention in complying with qualifying English and European Union legislation.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation 2006 (‘WEEE’) – MyndPlay is a distributor of electrical and electronic equipment (‘EEE’) and as such it is bound by WEEE directives. Accordingly, MyndPlay complies with WEEE directives as far as possible by offering and promoting the recycling and safe disposal of electronic waste. 

At the end of their lifecycles, MyndPlay will assist consumers recycle their products responsibly. Consumers may return their existing MyndPlay products to it for free recycling at any time. For further information, you may contact MyndPlay here.  


The use of the waste symbol on certain MyndPlay packaging indicates that the product contained within may not be treated and / or disposed of as general household waste. By ensuring correct and proper disposal of electronic waste, MyndPlay and its consumers will help contribute towards the prevention of a potential negative impact on the environment.