Tanqueray Pursuit of Pleasure - Discover your true taste...Let your mind decide

With hundreds of gin cocktails and each botanical blend so unique, the perfect elixir really is in the eye of the beholder, so how do you identify the perfect flavours to suit everyone’s taste?

During BCB Berlin – Europe’s largest drinks event – this was the challenge set for CHP and MyndPlay

Tanqueray botanists invite patrons into their workshop to embark on a journey of personal discovery; a unique sensory experiment to sample delights from four cornerstones of the botanical world – the families of Herbaceous, Spice, Citrus and Floral – in the quest to uncover their signature serve.

It is said that up to 80% of what we taste is influenced by the olfactory senses, so the aromatic qualities of botanicals prove reliable indicators for how we experience each sip. In an experiment like no other, each participant is equipped with an EEG headset that monitors their brain’s responses to distilled botanical oils in real-time.

Our botanist hosts armed with a purpose-built Android application lead participants through their personal quest. As the pleasure centres of the brain light up, the preferential botanical flavours reveal themselves, allowing the master mixologists of BCB to create a special Gin concoction served perfectly to each individual’s tastes – a truly powerful representation of the brand’s it’s what you put in mantra.

CB 2018, representing a celebration of flavours true to the original endeavours of Charles Tanqueray himself.

Over the three day event the reception and enthusiasm from participants was phenomenal, and due to the non-trivial nature of the experiment they were prepared to wait for their chance; creating continuous queues beyond the venue’s boundary across the 3 days.

Average engagement for those that took part was 9-10 minutes, equating to over 130 hours direct B2C engagement over the duration of the event. 82 meters of participant ‘flavour note’ cards were printed, then exchanged at our custom bar for personalised cocktails that included over 18 litres of Tanqueray Gin.

See the full case study on CHP website: https://weareclubhouse.com/project/pursuit-of-pleasure/


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