Accenture Powerful Minds Sensory Experience and Quiz

AIA Worlwide and MyndPlay got together to create a one of a kind sensory experience and online mind quiz for the Accenture Powerful Minds Campaign.

The experience consisted of a custom made sensory booth which connected to a users mind, body and senses using EEG, Haptics, Scents, Mind Controlled Lighting and a guided user experience to ultimately determine the Mindset of the mind traveller.

Users were taken on a journey of smells and sounds from New York to Bangkok whilst monitoring how the users mind adapts to the various scenarios, upon completion the user was provided with their dominant Mindset and a graph of their brainwaves and mental journey.

Users were split into 5 mindsets: Adaptive, Action, Collaborative, Reflective and Analytical


Powerful Minds at the WIRED Conference 2018:



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