eBay - The Science of Shopping - Are we a nation of Trend Shoppers?

MyndPlay worked with London agency Exposure for Ebay to conduct an experiment looking into the online shopping habits of young professionals and to work out whether the new generation rely more on trends than anything else for inspiration.

The research was conducted in 2 parts, the first part was carried out using the MyndBand EEG headsets whereby we monitored the engagement and emotional response as the participants shopped online, we also had Dr Peter Collett monitoring the behaviour of the participants.
The second part of the study was conducted in partnership with Tony Steffart, a UK QEEG expert using a multi channel EEG device to look deeper into inspiration and where it comes from.

Following the experiments, MyndPlay worked with eBay to create the worlds first subconscious shopping experience, you can read more in our immersive experiences section.

Some of the press generated from the campaign:








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