Barco: The key to meeting room success revealed in new global study

MyndPlay and Barco got together to find out what defines meeting success:

2,250+ senior business executives from companies in the UK, France, Germany, US, and the UAE, were surveyed on their meeting experiences in day-to-day working life. Via quantitative methods we wanted a better understanding of the impact of a variety of stimulus on an audience’s attentiveness when being presented to. The survey results were backed up with a scientific experiment using brain mapping technology (EEG) on a small number of senior business professionals. We tested their psychological responses to common meeting room scenarios.

The results highlight a range of issues leading to disengagement, distraction and irritation for employees around the world. Simple factors like technology issues, the presence of food, seating arrangements and lack of engaging content were shown to have a significant negative impact on the effectiveness of meetings. 

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About the study


Barco carried out a survey of 2,250 senior business professionals in the UK, US, France, Germany and UAE to gain insights on what factors can affect engagement. These results were collated to create a global perspective on engagement in meetings.


To qualify the survey results of a small-scale scientific experiment to test the responses of four senior business leaders during 5 x1O minute presentations by professional presenters, Barco chose an objective and accurate method using EEG attention protocol technology. This experiment was carried out by research company Myndplay where the participant’s brain activity was monitored by Mervyn Etienne (Neuroscientist). The test participant’s body language was analysed during the experiment by Dr Peter Collet (Behavioural Psychologist).


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