Volvo - AutoEmotion

Volvo Cars' world first experiment reveals the emotive power of car design.

The first scientific experiment of its kind has revealed that beautiful car design can tangibly evoke a powerful range of feelings that are on a par with the most basic of human emotions. The scientific experiment conducted by Volvo Car Group in collaboration with EEG specialists Myndplay, tested respondents to analyse how the brain reacts emotionally to car design and how design aesthetics actually make us feel.

MyndPlay were commissioned by Volvo and Ogilvy to conduct an experiment into the emotion of great design; the experiment was conducted at Volvo HQ with 40 participants taking part in the experiment which consisted of watching a series of images made up of the new Volvo concept car, scenery and nature, beautiful women, men and babies with a view to see if car design could evoke similar responses to cars as they would to traditionally evocative images.


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