Sunbeam - Real Men Cook


Real men use the oven to store their sweaters in summer. Myth. Real men get the housekeeper to dust the stove once a month. Myth.

Women want a real man who gets his hands dirty rebuilding the back fence, fixing the car or painting the sunroom. Myth.

A first of its kind for the category in Australia, Real Men Cook is the result of a scientific study conducted by MyndPlay and kitchen appliance brand Sunbeam. The study observed the physiological and emotional responses of couples whilst the male performed domestic chores and DIY tasks, versus using Sunbeam appliances.

The experiment put 20 real life Australian couples into everyday scenarios and measured which man jobs made the woman the happiest and most sexually stimulated. A man doing his barista thing or just baking a cake scored more highly than one using a power drill or sawing wood, for example…which is a good thing because 80% of men prefer making coffee to watching the footy highlights and 75% of men prefer to bake a cake than use a drill.

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