At the beginning of 2020, with lockdowns in place, most people were getting dressed for comfort and concentrating on making their top half look good for Zoom calls, rather than dressing as they normally would. When the restrictions were lifted Sainsbury’s Tu wanted people to be able to start celebrating getting dressed to go out again.

Not only that they wanted to inspire the nation to get dressed with their wellbeing in mind, with the campaign line “Dress well. Feel good”. Our job was to bring this to life in a partnership to drive awareness and consideration of Tu’s stylish and quality clothes.

We knew our 35-44 year audience regularly looked to Stylist magazine for the latest style tips, therefore we worked with them to create an editorial campaign which looked into decoding why we wear what we do.

It started with an experiment to see whether clothes truly make us feel happy using an EEG headset that measured people’s brainwaves as they tried on Tu clothes, monitoring their brain activity to see how the clothes made them feel.

Alongside the experiment there were seven articles delving deeper into why we make the clothing choices we do, including three interviews where people discussed how clothes have the power to make them feel good and truly be themselves.

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